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MaDGH was represented at the just ended launch of the Northern Youth Parliament which was held at GNAT Hall, Tamale.

The event was a colourful one and was graced with the presence of the Northern Regional Minister; Hon. Salifu Saeed, the MP for Tamale central; Hon. Inusah Fuseini, the CEO of NABCO and parliamentary candidate for Tamale Central; Hon. Ibrahim Anyass, the deputy finance CEO of the National Youth Authority; Miss Akosua Manu as well as many others.

The speaker of the Northern Youth Parliament was sworn into office after which he proceeded to swear in the Honorable members of the house. This was met with strong opposition from the majority caucus because some members of the minority caucus had erred in undergoing some procedures thereby rendering them ineligible to be sworn in as members of the house.

This sparked a huge but interesting debate which undoubtedly cleared all fears and worries of the calibre of potential parliamentarians this country will have in the near future. After clearing the air, the swearing-in finally took place.

We had speeches from most of the dignitaries after which pledges were made during the fund-raiser. Water and snacks were served during the course of the event. The event finally came to a close at 13:15 with lunch served.

Abdul Ganiru Iddriss

MaD-Ghana had its first and last general assembly on Monday 30th December,2019. Out of the ten (10) partners in change invited to grace the convocation, 6 organizations were present.

The convocation started at 10:15 am with an opening prayer by Mr Martin from FOH, introductions were then made before the next agenda followed up. 9 participants were recorded at the start of the meeting and the following organizations present; FOH, YAM, LAF, YUMZAA, ACTIVISTA, CAMA.

Next was a welcome address which was done by Mr Atuimah Azechum Valerius due to the absence of the Managing Director of MaD-Ghana Mr. Moses Antwi. Mr Atuimah Valerius also took us through the evaluation and updates of 2019 projects and achievements as well. Some of the achievements he were North East MaD spelling bee, MaD Tech Tamale and Walewale, Sckoology and others.

Our partners also shared with us their achievements in 2019 and an update of their organization.

·         FOH was the first organization to share with us how they were able to run a month vacation class and also their recent December 2 Remember project (D2R), he also shared with us how the workspace system helped to revive the foundation when it was at the verge of collapsing.

·         Activista shared with us an outreach program at Yong duuni and the purpose was to educate the natives of Yong duuni on the importance of girl child education. Activista also carried on another outreach program at Bolgatanga and aimed at empowering the youth of Bolgatanga to embark on youth entrepreneurship.

·         Yumzaa foundation also shared with us how they were able to embark on an outreach program at Dabogshie which was purposely to educate the people of Dabogshie on the importance of education.

·         Lavish Aid Foundation also shared with us their achievements and one of their biggest achievement for the year 2019 was registering as a Non-Profit Organization, he also said that the LAF Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES) was another huge achievement for their organization then concluded on telling us how they partnered with Silver Stag Ghana to educate the people of Tamale on Child Trafficking and Child Abuse.

·         YAM also shared with us their achievements in 2019. They also embarked on an outreach program where they visited schools such as Northern School of Business, Dahinsheli and many others and educated the students on Menstrual hygiene and how to make an improvised pad.

Mr David Larweh recommended and appreciated YAM for their efforts and good works done to change the world but suggested that instead of visiting “elite” schools as he termed them, they should rather focus on the less privileged institutions because the elite schools are well to do and the students there are more exposed and aware.  Therefore, YAM should consider visiting the less privileged schools. He also gave a suggestion that youth organizations like us should also shift our lenses a bit on issues pertaining to corruption and how to tackle them especially corruption related to youth.

The next agenda was the 2020 project forecast, led by MaD workspace team member Mr Bature Eugene, he took us through some projects MaD-Ghana shall be embarking on in 2020. After his submission, some concerns were raised concerning some of the projects that were listed and that led us to AOB.

The AOB session led by Mr Valerius opened the grounds for suggestions, enquiries and concerns.

  • ·         As part of MaD 2020 projects, the international women day, a member of YAM raised a suggestion concerning this day that instead of been discriminative by only involving women on this day we should rather celebrate it using a twitter chat where a post will be made and replies tweeted back whilst tagging people in which the replies are meant for. Also, CAMA proposed a partnership since they are into that sector and they suggested we join them on that day celebrate it since they celebrate the day annually in the communities.
  • ·         Another suggestion was raised concerning World Autism and Down Syndrome day about the need to target schools meant for such special needs especially Yumbas.  Another suggestion was raised that we get a grown autistic patient who has made to share his experience and motivate other autistic patients and parents with autistic children.
  • ·         Also, a suggestion raised concerning the world poetry day suggested that we should invite some renowned poets in our locality to mentor the kids.
  • ·         Another suggestion was made concerning communication and it was said we should consider adding sign language as a course to Sckoology to enhance and enable communication between persons capable of talking and the deaf and dumb.
  • ·         Earth day celebration should not be limited to only cleanup exercise but also we should educate the people on the importance of the earth, this was suggested by a rep of Yumzaa foundation.
  • ·         World Aids Day, a free screening exercise should be conducted for people to know their status.

·         Mr Larweh also made mention that as change-makers we should also consider advocating the following; Road safety, reading and also being mindful of our personality since we turn out to be mentors to others.

·         Mr Sampson Naporo also said that as youth or change makers we should try to always embark on youth challenges.

·         A rep from YAM made mention that they are reviewing the manual of the Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) and so at any point in time a need for helping hands would be stretched out.

The meeting ended with 16 reps in attendance.

Mr Moses Antwi the Managing Director of MaD-Ghana, gave us his last words and he also expressed his joy in seeing young people trying hard to change the world “Though the journey might be tough but let’s not give up but rather keep pushing harder until we attain our goals” he said. He finally concluded by thanking our partners for honouring the invitation and for sharing their insights and thoughts with us especially with regards to our 2020 projects.

A closing prayer was said to draw the curtains of the convocation to an end then picture taking and snacks followed.

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Eugene Bature

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